What Beauty is...


For Sunday Scribblings:

Beauty is as simple as the sunrise turning the lake mists purple.

Beauty is as complex as the compassion of the old mama cat when she curls up next to the orphaned pup, her steady purr silencing his cries.

Beauty is an unexpected gift: his clear-eyed gaze breaking through that baffled baby stare, like headlamps cutting through fog -- the man he used to be, returning after months away.

Beauty feels like homecoming, imparts that same inner glow.

Hold tight to those moments. Beauty never lingers long.

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There are times when what he wants is scary,
Makes me feel too small, too naked,
And I line up all the excuses,
Pointing out with careful logic why this or that can't be done.

He smiles,
Nothing more needs saying, nothing more to do.
The internal war has started, desires duel.
I will lose.

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Forever Bound

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1. The Necklace

It seemed an innocent token, a gold butterfly on a slim chain. It was our
symbol, a secret that whispered between two hearts. We watched it spin,
filigree wings sparking in the light.
“I love you,” he said, “and more than that.”
“I’m yours," I said. "Always, and longer than that.”
Truth uttered in innocence.

2. Caught

Did you know it would take us prisoner? Were we too love drunk to hear
the irrevocable click when you pressed the clasp shut?
As mad as we could get, as frightened as we could get, we could never
get beyond that moment, that whisper soft tick.

3. Bound

We tried to run. First you. Then me.
Then me. Then me. Then me.
The bond refuses severance. The promise won’t break. How was it we
didn’t hear the sonic boom of that clasp closing around our hearts?

From Owned, by Nara Malone

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