Poetry Train: The Last Layer

Flickr Photo by TLA8

The last layer frustrates
He wants to tear it away like wrapping from a present
I want to weld it in place like so much armor

The best is saved for last
Translucent silk
Peek-a-boo lace
Ribbons and garters
Do the contents ever live up to the wrapping?

I surf through naked photos of strangers
All the pale flesh, moles, scars, rolls hanging out
I respect the boldness
I don't envy it
I shrink from it

I think of wet cats
All that power and arrogance
To gray skin and bone

I want to wrap them back up
In a persona
Give them back their
Hiss and Bristle
Watch that expressive fur
Ripple and fluff with their moods

Do I need to be naked
The last layer stripped away
Like the Lone Ranger's mask
Would I be bland as cardboard
Without the wrapping
Does the last layer stand
Between me
And who I am
Is it me?

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  1. I like the fact that you delve into poetry more so than I have seen some "erotic" writers do. It tells me you are not afraid to express the depth pf your feelings and emotions rather than the surface. You talk about "stripping" things away, this is what poetry is to me, to everyone for it is for them to know.... We have no fear.

  2. Awesome question you're raising... what IS real? And is it okay to BE real?

  3. @Charles I guess poetry is a stripping away.. I hadn't thought of it that way. I guess i think of it more as a zoom lens, but I see you are right. I'm going to try not to think about that when I write my next poem.

    @Susan I still haven't figured out, how far down I have to go to find the real part.

  4. the layers entice and excite, but no matter how pretty the wrapping, it's the chocolate that counts.


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