LITTLE ORANGE MEN by Jackson Boyle

I attack thick rind,
Pierce rubbery armor with my nails.
It parts on a ripping sigh.
Droplets sprinkle my nose and cheeks,
Sting my eyes.

My tongue can taste him.
I swallow the craving,
Patiently pulling him apart.
I line the sections up
In analytical rows
On white paper.

The fruit weeps,
Big tears that pool and spread,
Darkening the toweling.

I select a slice,
Bend it till it breaks.
Teardrop bits shiver
Between thin membranes.
I bite down.
Pulp explodes.

I crush the marrow,
The core I labored to find.
Sweetness bleeds out on my tongue.
I won't cry.

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  1. THis is WONDERFUL!!! Glad I found your blog. Thanks for visiting mine too.

  2. Yummy poor little orange man :)

  3. This is so wonderfully descriptive I can taste it.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I learn so much from all of you, both here and on your blogs.


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