Be Afraid Dark Man

Blogging the Dark Art ARG Week Two

Be afraid Dark Man. We're coming after you. Saturday we started sifting through the clues to solve the murders in the Personal Effects:Dark Art Novel. This is the most fun I've ever had reading a book.


This is Violet, checking some facts. Wait, what's that over her shoulder? I didn't see that when I snapped the picture!


Our sleuth headquarters has great atmosphere.


Our notes and clues.


Tracking clues online.


Caroline and the body pic. Now this is one that Kelly liberated from the Brinkvale Site back in January I think. They locked down the login right after that, so we assumed we weren't supposed to be in there yet. Sasha confirmed that the writing on the boat is Russian, something like shore patrol.


Violet holds up the picture I liberated from the hospital files during the winter. We had figured out the message hidden in the painting.


My burger and coffee were getting cold, so this is the last pic I took. We're still following leads, so there will be more to come.

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